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May 26, 2019

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A 1,500 km cycle ride from South West London to the village of Fosdinovo in northern Tuscany.

April 8, 2019

A wonderfully warm day which after 2 days of cold blustery conditions was most welcome. The ride this day was further northwest along the southern Spanish coastline and it would take me from Fuengirola to the delightful town of Nerja. The morning ride was very much sea...

April 7, 2019

A year ago today I was into day 2 of my 84 day cycle north from Tarifa to Nordkapp. This particular day was “only” 74 km which as it would turn out was 25 km less than my average daily ride by the time I finished. 

My route on this day was from a very empty  Manilva Gre...

July 4, 2018

Total trip time : 84 days 

Cycle days : 73

Rest days : 11 (Granada, Valencia , Barcelona , Lyon , Guntersblum x2 , Hamburg , Copenhagen , Gothenburg , Trondheim , Tromso ) 

Countries visited : 6

Time and distance covered in countries 

Spain : 16 cycle days , 1,525 km


July 4, 2018

Of course the final day inside the arctic circle at Tromso dawns clear and still. 

The Arctic “Cathedral “ looks a whole lot different in sunlight and under blue skies

Tromsø Bridge .

There she goes . “Caroline” my companion for the last 84 days and 6,988 km . Disassemble...

June 29, 2018

Woke up and pulled back the black out curtains fearful it would be a cloudless sky with no wind. I need fear not. This is Honningsvåg and I am still 500 + km inside the arctic circle. It was still blowing a gale and wet. Undoubtedly cold out there too. 

If this is summe...

June 28, 2018

Well. Norway kept on throwing the proverbial sink at me right to the very end. Just prior to leaving the cosy and warm apartment this morning , KSR turned to me and said “ erm, looking at the weather forecast the wind will be at its worse between 9 and 11 am “. Given i...

June 27, 2018



You don’t become one of the best aviators of your generation without knowing what cloud formations mean and how they might impact your flying. Personally I think when Russ.K looked at those cloud questions...

June 26, 2018


As per my message yesterday. If you’ve enjoyed following my adventure or not any amount you can spare for the good people at Nepal Youth Foundation will go a very very long way in Nepal. 

So many good things happened today. 


June 25, 2018


We’re now at the business end of this adventure. If you’ve enjoyed this blog and  enjoyed following me on this wonderful journey then please take the time to take a peek at the wonderful work the people at N...

June 24, 2018

Firstly back to yesterday. 

Set off with the sun on my back from Tromsø under a cloudless sky. What wind there was turned out to be a slight tailwind. As I crossed the bridge from Tromsø old town a whale passed below me and lifted its tail almost as though as a wave to...

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