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Day 1 - London to Poundsbridge

A decent day for riding a bike if not a little chilly. I was joined for the first 7km by my logistical coordinator, communications officer, and no.1 supporter - aka wifey - who accompanied me to Hampton Court Palace.

For the next 73 km I rolled through Surrey, west and East Sussex and into Kent passing sights along the way.

Bed for the night was in Poundsbridge. Pretty cool staying in a house that was built 192 years before white man found Australia.

Someone asked me what I think about on the hours on the bike so here's a daily pondering revelation Who thought to name it Rapeseed ? Does Seven Acres Farm really have seven acres of land ? How many pubs in the U.K. Are called the "Dog and Duck" or "Fox and Hound"? I passed two of each in just 80 km! Hill of the day - that short but very sharp climb out of Penshurst towards Poundsbridge . Just what I didn't need at the 78km mark.

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