May 26, 2019

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Day 5 - Arras to Teiringier

April 28, 2017


The first 45 mins of the day was like that start to the day you dread. You oversleep the alarm and hurriedly have a shave, cutting yourself in the process. Trying to stem the blood flow takes valuable time and you scurry into the bedroom to get dressed. You pop a button on your shirt and take up valuable time getting another shirt. As you head to the train station in a rush you realise you are about to miss your train and rush down the steps spilling that coffee you just purchased onto yourself. You miss your train. You get the next one and your favourite seat is taken. You stand all the way wish you could re-set the day and start again. Well this is what it felt like today.


The first 45 mins were like a bad movie you want to walk out of but can't because you are sat in the middle of a row.  A very straight and long road with plenty of traffic. that passed by at warp speed. I will say this about the the French drivers though and have found it a consistent pattern with ALL of them. They respect and give plenty of room to the cyclist. British drivers have come some way since I cycled to Paris two years ago but the underlying difference is in the patience factor. A French driver will give you all the time you need to climb a small hill and then will virtually pass onto the other side of the road as they go past. UK drivers will scurry past but at least give you room and if they're had enough of waiting behind you will turn on their windscreen washers as they pass. 


Did I say the road was long and long ?



Any personal hardship is always going to be over dramatised. However riding from Arras to Teringier you get plenty of perspective. To say the 105 km into a stonking headwind was ''brutal'' would be waaaaay over playing the hand compared to what we passed.


War cemetery after war cemetery after war cemetery and a constant reminder of what ''brutal'' is really all about ...



Any hardship felt was sobered by roadside cemeteries ... this one being literally metres from the road "they lie where they died"....


To Jake O. and his fellow colleagues who are currently training to be UK Marines... Respect.




The entire days ride was a long straight road with plenty of perspective.  Even the Aussies had their own memorial ....



Time for a little sustenance - I'll have mine with cheese and tomato on a baguette...


Lunch for the champions ...


Weddings are like dolphins ... they always make you smile.   We spotted this one enroute from Arras to Teringnier




When I grow up, I want a house like this ... 





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