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Kotor Old Town perimeter wall with Church of St Nicholas in the foreground and Kotor Fortress ruins up atop the hill...

Kotor old town as seen from Kotor Fortress (abandoned) at sunrise. Two good things about getting up early to do the climb up the 1,546 steps. No one else is around AND the guy who normally can be found siting at the bottom collecting your 3 EUR for the privilege of the climb is still pushing zzzzz’s at home. 3 EUR saved !

1,546 steps sure beats a gym membership. Views are better too.

The views at the top and coming back down made it worth it

Persat town stands 20 mins north of Kotor. A public bus costs 2 EUR each way.

“Our Lady of the Rocks” Islet lies less than 5 mins (and 5 EUR) by water taxi off Persat. Legend has it that some sailors returning from a journey in 1452 saw a Madonna and child on a rock as they passed this spot and so every journey from there on ended with a sailor throwing a rock into the water at that same spot until an island was born and a church placed on it. Sinking a ship laden day with boulders in the 1950,s helped speed up the building process too. July 22 is the day you don’t want to be here. Sailor mayhem as they celebrate the story by drinking copious amounts of Nicksicko and throw rocks onto the islet.

Observation of the day - Like the Japanese the youth of Montenegro seemingly still hold great respect to the point of almost reverence for the elderly. There’s a very visible connection of understanding between the two generations and despite whatever their appearance may be the elderly are accorded time, attention and engagement.

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