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Day 11 ....... Jalance to Valencia ...... 95 km (total 905 km )

As per yesterday the picture doesn’t always tell the complete story. As pretty as Jalance was, I sat down on the bike for the 95 km push into Valenica and 5 km into the ride came across Spain’s most powerful nuclear just outside the town of Cofrentes.

Taking 9 years to build it opened in 1984 and provides all of the electricity for the entire province of Valencia including the city itself . 

The first 10 km or so were not a good guide for what lay ahead given they were 10 km of undulating roads around a river basin. 

This non descript photo of some random bushland was only taken to show where about 30 seconds  earlier I had seen a deer effortlessly bound off the road and into the brush . The first such sighting of a deer on his trip . 

 I came across a sign that even with my pidgin Spanish I could tell meant that 9 km further on the road was closed due to a landslide . They weren’t wrong . Closed for cars at least.  Have Surly will travel. So I picked up the bike and pushed onwards .

Passed by an impossibly green lake 

Then climbed out of the canyon basin. And climbed and climbed and climbed and ....

I took several photos of the steep roads I encountered early today and this one wins the record . 

That little speck of green water at the basin of the photo? Yup that is where I have come from. 

888.88 km Into the trip. Lucky numbers for some . 

Over the top of the plateau and down into the basin leading to Valencia. What do you expect to see? Valencia oranges of course !

3 mins later he/she had been consumed .

Yes ! Valencia has a bull ring too .

Valencia is my stop for two nights with the delightful Eddie and Heather. B and their 11  year old son TJ as my hosts. 

Rest day tomorrow beckons . After 6 days on the bike it will be a welcome relief. 

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