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Day 12 ..... Valencia ... Rest day ...

Took a tour with H&E boutique tours today who also just happen to be my hosts. With their local knowledge garnered from over 2 years of living in this delightful city coupled  with ridiculously good weather it was a lovely way to spend a day.

First off it was to the post office to send home the 7 number plates I had collected since leaving Tarifa. 

Ornate post boxes at the Valencia main post office 

Boxed and ready to be sent the plates are moments away from being on their way.

The interior of the Valencia post office has to be seen to be believed. Exquisite.

There’s 2.035 kg less I have to haul up hills. In fact haul anywhere.

Valencia town hall 

Mercato Centrale . Home to all the purveyors of fresh foods.

Mercato Centrale main hall. Very similar to the supermarket I visit back home. Or not. 

Main done of Mercato Centrale . Similar to the one at my local Sainsbury’s .

Back in the day Valencia’s old town was divided into thirds. Arab, Jewish and Christians. Those were the days when we could all live side by side. Here’s a shot of the Arab sector.

Advertising for the local cocktail speciality which of course includes Valencia oranges.

Another set of insignificant doors leading into yet another non-descript building. 

Lunch Valencia cafe style. That would be the kitchen in the small building on the right and the main cafe on the left.

The river Turia used to be a constant flooding Menander to Valencia and in 1965 when a particularly bad flood occurred hey decided to divert the river away from the city . Today they have turned the river bed into the city’s main park with an abundance of space for all manner of activities and it runs around 2/3 of the city’s old wall. 

The city’s main music conservatory 

The following 5-6 pictures are all of the buildings at the Valencia arts and science centre.







Botanical gardens at the Valencia Arts and Science  centre

Mercato Colon . Once a bustling food hall now transformed into a centre of chic cafes and restaurants . 

Once home to The Bank of Valencia 

Even garage doors look attractive 

Just another ugly Valencia outdoor cafe sitting in the shadow of some creative art.

“Eating out” Valencia style 

And finally . Can’t really fault their naming of educational facilities .  

So in short. Valencia - GO NOW. DO NOT STOP AT GO. DO NOT COLLECT YOUR $200.  A seriously beautiful city on a seriously beautiful spring day. 

I was blessed to have such warm hosts in Eddie , Heather and TJ who went out of their way and beyond the call of duty to ensure my 36 hours in Valencia were so memorable . Massive thanks to three of them. 

So off to Barcelona tomorrow. A mere 375 km away and 3-4 days of riding . 

Until tomorrow . Adios . 

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