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Day 37 ...... Guntersblum .... Rest Day II .......2,931 km

In France it was a pneumatic high pressure tyre pump that was placed roadside for cyclists to use for free that caught my eye. In Germany a novel approach to a vending machine offering . Spare inner tubes for bicycle tyres. 

Meet Andreas. He owns a small bike workshop in the local village next to Guntersblum. From March to September he works 16 hours a day 6 days a week and clears between 900 and 1,000 EUR a month. Yup. Go do the maths on that . He confirmed that the  E-Bike boom was well and truly on and they constituted 9 out of 10 bikes he sold. Andreas put that new cassette on for me and addressed some other minor issues that needed attention on the bike .

Meet Christoph. He is a physiotherapist and osteopath of more than 20 years experience. Based on Guntersblum. Whilst my bike was getting its 3,000 km check up , Christoph went to work on my back and legs to ensure they would last me another 4,000 km . Top man who put a few physical strains and aches to rest with his great massage technique . His father represented Germany in wheelchair basket ball and whilst Christoph is able bodied he also partakes in wheelchair basketball to keep his father company. A society with strong family values is an overriding impression you get in Germany.  

That green blob is my 1.7 kg two person tent that I purchased from Geza yesterday . Time to rehearse putting it up lest I look like a complete fool at the first camping ground I visit . 

15 mins later green blob looks pretty much like a tent. Not a bad effort given the instructions were in German . 

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