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Day 39 ....... Koblenz to Cologne (Köln) ......103 km ......(total 3,144)

There’s an inspirational story to follow but firstly let’s get the day ride covered. 

We set off from Koblenz under threatening skies and went all of 120 metres before we found a breakfast house. 

At this stage I would include  a photo or two . However as I have discovered in Germany when your hotel says it has free WiFi it means if you want to download something more meaningful than a child’s poem you have zero chance of it occurring. Here’s my message to Germany. “GET WITH THE 21st CENTURY” 

So we biked 25 km and stopped at a lovely riverside cafe ( see photo ... oooops ) .

From there we the followed the Rhine to Cologne some 80 km away. 

About half way between Koblenz and Cologne we bumped into this fella and his riding companion. 

Again  I’d like to include a photo but the hotel internet reception is so poor I fell asleep waiting for the download and ended up cancelling it. 

Anyway . This tricycle rider is blind . His buddy in the photo you can’t see is guiding him .

This story will continue tomorrow when I get decent WiFi .

Oh ....... I forgot to say ... I walked into a bike shop and asked why my chain was slipping so much .. transpires the guy back in Guntersblum had put my chain on back to front. Go figure. Ol Andreas is most DEFINITELY off my Xmas card list . 

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