May 26, 2019

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Day 44 .... Rest Day ... Hamburg (total 3,631 km)

May 19, 2018

There’s a lot to like about Hamburg . Of course Ole is a good reason but beyond that it’s a city steeped in maritime history and seemingly a resilient one at that having survived numerous natural and man made disasters . 



Reflections on Hamburg 



Some facts you probably didn’t know about Hamburg 


It’s Germany’s second largest city 

It’s warmest month is August 

It’s wettest month is August 

It has a population of 1.9 million

It was founded in 200 AD 

It has a man made lake within the City perimeters that measures 9.6 km in diameter

The average depth of that lake is 2 metres 

The lake last froze over in 2003 

Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined 

It has an Australian Rule’s Football Club called the Hamburg Dockers that compete in the German AFL competition . 

One of its major attractions is St Nicholas Church which has the ninth tallest spire in the world

It’s port is the 3rd busiest in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp

It has 3 different cruise ship terminals 

Global headquarters for Greenpeace are based in Hamburg 


Now you know ....



It has 36 km of canals and more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined 



Whilst handling container shipments is a primary income source for the port it’s dry docks for ship repairs are also in no demand . Some seriously large toys in the shape of ships, cranes , dry docks and other maritime goodies. 




A large part of the old towns working warehouses has been gentrified and turned into up market apartments . The entire area is undergoing a period of transformation and when finished will house over 65,000 people . 




Hamburgs philharmonic hall is probably its most visited and photographed building 







Industry sits alongside culture 



Big toys abound 




Old sits aside new. St Nicholas Church and a glass walled walkway over a major street . 




“Rasthaus” - aka - townhall 



More maritime history than a Patrick O’Brian novel 



Those red flags sitting outside a bicycle shop in this lovely square signify a watershed moment in my ride. It’s the first bicycle shop I have walked in to (and I’ve walked into a few across Spain, France and Germany ) that stocks the anti friction cream known as ASSOS (appropriately named) . Hallelujah.



To the proprietors of “Starcycles” in Hamburg my behind says “thank you “








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