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Day 54 ......... Gothenburg to Kungälv ......22 km ......(total 4,306 km)

I doubt I’ll ride a shorter distance this trip. KSR didn’t have to get a bus to the airport until 4.15 pm . Eager to ensure we maximised our time together as we won’t see each other until trips end or even possibly when I return home, I delayed leaving Gothenburg until she had boarded the airport bound bus. Reticent to pay up for another night of overlay priced accommodation in downtown Gothenburg I set off on the road to Oslo to get far enough away to make it economic sense. 

Street scenes of Gothenburg I 

Street scene II 

Street scene III. Solid Australian export. 

Street / canal scene IV 

Main Gothenburg church with the “Swish” account number at its head that you can transfer your donation to. 

And in case you missed the opportunity in the pew you can always do it on your way out in the foyer. Cashless society it is. 

Leaving Gothenburg. 

Approaching Kungälv 

With my plan to swerve to the right of Oslo Gothenburg will be the last major city I cycle through on this trip. Glad to have seen it and think in better weather the archipelago would be a lovely area to explore. Was a bit surprised that given the canals and proximity of the city to the ocean there wasn’t more of a waterside scene occurring. In fact surprised at the dearth of waterside activity at all. Staggered as I was in Copenhagen at the cost of accommodation. Not just the cost but the value for money. It’s been a recurring theme  the further north I travel. If you’re eating or drinking or sleeping out , then make sure your bank manager knows. 

Can’t wait to see what Tromso is going to costs. 

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