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Day 77 ....... Botnhamn to Tromsø......67 km ...... (total 6,432 km)

Unsurprisingly the weather was somewhat inclement when I finally stumbled out of bed at 6 am . Earlier in the morning at 1.14 am I had been stirred from my sleep by what sounded like someone tinkering with my bike. It was simply the wind whistling through the spokes . However this was my view ....

Yup. 1.14 am. Light huh? Thus far north 15 days either side of June 21 the sun never sets. Pity it’s been cloudy every day as I would enjoy seen the famed “midnight sun”. 

Thinking about it I’d be satisfied seen the sun at any time of the day right now.  

I set off for Botnhamn ferry wharf in the misty rain some 11 km away and came across a unique “welcome to.....” sign. They love the troll theme it seems in this part of the world.

I’d like to drive one of these down my local high street and see the responses I’d get. 1,000 horsepower of snow going grunt. Reminds me of a t-shirt I once saw at a motorbike festival ...”He who dies with the most toys wins.”

Disembarking at Brensholmen I met this intrepid couple , Nils and Elin . From southern Norway they’re on a 250 km tour on their bikes. This being the first time with a tent though. 

So? I hear you wonder .......we’ll have a look at their bikes .

English made, “Brompton” fold away bikes. Nils proudly told me they had done 200 km through Italy on the same bikes last year. Elin chirped in with the comment this was their first attempt carrying a tent as well as their usual pannniers. Quite amazing really. 

Someone at Norwegian Electric clearly hasn’t heard about the time old adage that electricity and water don’t mix. 

The ride north from Brensholmen to Tromsø in the mist and rain did have its flashes of colour. 

As I crossed over a plateau from one fjord to another I did have some wild reindeer for company. 

The road across the plateau was similar to riding across the Scottish highlands . Exposed, windy, rounded hills devoid of trees, a sprinkling of snow drifts , and not a lot of other humans . Oh and cold. Today being the first day I thought about putting on my fetching woollen skull cap under my helmet. Thought about it but didn’t. A nice little 3 km climb kept the body temperature up. 

15 km out of Tromsø and with the body core temperature plummeting quicker than a gasless hot air balloon I stopped at a trendy looking food hall. Sort of place that sells Quinoa and Kale salads for 22 GBP a plate and has Ella Fitzgerald piped in the cafe . Lo behold the coffee machine made a flat white ! That will be 520 NOK thank you sir. (£5.10 or AUD $8.90) .

Just 7 km out of Tromsø and having not crossed a bridge all day I was almost suffering from withdrawal symptoms when up popped this little number . 

Welcome to Tromsø. After 12 days of riding since I left Trondheim tomorrow’s a rest day before the final push to “The Cape”. 

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