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Day 78..... Tromsø..... rest day ......(Total 6,432 km)

Tromsø .... rest day as I prepare for the final push. 

Population 75,967 making it the 9th most populous area of Norway. Due to the Gulf Stream influence the climate here is a lot “milder” than other cities at a similar latitude such as Murmansk. The city hosts the highest number of old wooden houses in northern Norway with some dating back to 1796. The city has a proud whaling and seal hunting history and it was just off the coast of Tromsø that the plane carrying Roald Amundsen crashed into the sea. Tromsø was also a leading city in the Norwegian techno and house music scene in the 1980’s and hosts a large number of students at its university . It also has a pretty impressive international standard ski jump.

A city with a proud hunting heritage. 

No lack of wooden houses down by the old docks. 

Looking across Tromsø harbour towards the Arctic Cathedral. 

Aforementioned Arctic Cathedral . Opened in 1965 it’s actually a parish church and not the cathedral it’s named. Because of its distinct look and location overlooking Tromsø it’s often called the opera house of Norway linking it to that other much photographed iconic building - the Sydney Opera House. 

Seal and whale hunting figure prominently in Tromsø’s history. 

Your quintessential Norwegian sweater. Sort of garment you buy and unless you live in Tromsø it will never leave your cupboard once you get home. 

The city public library is an impressive and light filled building just off the high street. 

Did I mention how expensive Norway is yet?  Yup. £6.90 for a ham and cheese toastie. That’s AUD$ 12.80. Don’t think about having a drink to help you cope with the prices. A pint of beer was £10.50 ....... AUD$ 18.35 . 

So close yet still 500 km to go. 

The final push starts tomorrow. 

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