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About me


Born in ANGAU Hospital in the Papua New Guinea city of Lae (pronounced ''Lay'') at 9.03 pm on a day in March many moons ago.


Papua New Guinea (PNG) and its capital city , Port Moresby, were my home for the first 25 years of my life.  I had a beach for my front garden and a tropical rainforest out the back. Much is written these days about the violence, erosion of democracy and personal safety in PNG but it still remains my spiritual home. It is a country full of diversity and sights that you will see nowhere else in the world and although bias, I would proclaim it has the best scuba diving on planet earth. 

I cycled solo the Via Francigena pilgrims route from Canterbury Cathedral to the Vatican City in May of 2017 a distance of 2,200 KM and was able to raise close to                 

USD$ 7,000 which was split amongst three different charities.


Buoyed by the success of my cycle trip in 2017, I attempted something a little more ambitious in 2018 and rode solo from Europe's southern most point (Tarifa in Spain) to its northern most point (Nordkapp in Norway) totalling 6,988 KM and raised just over USD$18,000 for charity.

This year (2019) the plan is a little less ambitious, a little more flexible, shorter in time and distance than either of its predecessors and I won't be attempting to raise any money for charity. Check out this years route and those of previous years at the          ''MY ROUTE'' tab


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