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Day 60 .......Elverum to Koppang ........98 km .....(total 4,913 km)

Leaving the campsite at Elverum was a little tough given how lovely it was. Free WiFi with ridiculously quick speed, free showers, and river views all for 100 NOK... thats less than 10£ . The breakfast views with the sun warming my back were a great way to start the day . 

Like yesterday I’d be following a river up stream today though it was that camp side river , the Glomma. 

Within 2 km of leaving camp I struck probably the first purpose run cafe I have seen in Norway. As I sat enjoying a Norwegian waffle with dollops of strawberry jam and cream with my coffee I had this piece of art across the forecourt to admire.

Today’s ride turned out to be the bigger and older sibling of yesterday’s. Longer straight stretches of road with larger hills. All of this into a somewhat determined headwind. It made for slow going especially  with tired legs from yesterday’s 120+ km day. 

I passed a lot of cottages with these out houses, which I finally determined were the sauna huts of the property. 

After 40 km I came across the small town of Rena and its rather prominent ski hill known as Renabakken. Standing at the base of the landing area you get a real sense of just how large these hills are the courage needed to launch yourself on skis off the jumps. I’ve put it down on the “to do this winter “ list. Attend a ski jumping competition. 

As I was leaving Rena I got chatting to a roadside worker who was directing what little traffic there was around a tarmac truck  that was busily filling pot holes. He asked where I was going and when I replied Koppang he suggested a different to route to that planned on the basis that his suggestion would probably have fewer cars. Having not exactly been bowled over by the number of cars on the wooded road that I had travelled I decided to persist with my planned route. After 5 km I hadn’t seen a car so then made the decision to keep count of how many passed me by. In the next 52 km a total of 48 cars went by. They were so few that I actually welcomed the company. However fleeting it was. All of this on what the lollipop man called a busy road. 

Straight roads, bigger hills than yesterday , lots of trees both live and felled. Serious logger country this. 

Rode by this rather stunning if not isolated little church. 

Yes that’s right. A farmer and his tractor fording the Glomma. As you do. 

The top of that hill is near where I am headed. The stretch of road that I had been on for over 5 hours at this stage had started to take its toll. In total it was 94 km long. I did not see a single commercial enterprise ..aka shop.... of any description in the entire days ride. Not even a service station. Blank. It was just me , the woods , and the road for 94 Km with the occasional car and occasional house / cottage. All of this in the supposed more occupied part of Norway. The far north should be interesting.

By the time I got to Koppang it was 4 o’clock and having not eaten since breakfast to say I was hungry would be a mild understatement . I ducked into the first service station for a sandwich and noted the hamburger prices . That’s £10.20 for the smallest pattie burger . AUD $ 17.50 ! 

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