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The clock runs down

21 Hours to ''cycle off'' and time to pack and re-pack and then re-pack again as the gear for the ride is stored away into two pannier bags and a handlebar bag. #Ortlieb. Any seasoned professional will look at the gear I am taking and think to himself ''no idea''. I am pretty sure after 100 km I won't be disagreeing with them and in all likelihood regret the excess. #jettison

The photos below give an idea of what I am taking. Loaded with the gear, the pannier bags weigh in at 6 kg each x 2 (13 lbs x 2) and the front bag a mere 1.7 kg (4lbs). Add the weight of the rider 90 kg (198 lbs), water bottles 2 kg (4.5 lbs), and the bike weight of 19 kg (42 lbs) and you get a payload of approximately 125 kg (275 lbs).

I am betting there are small planes out there that couldn't take off if they were carrying that much.

All of the above gear has been squeezed into the three bags below.

List of gear:

Securing cable

Spare inner tubes x 2

External battery packs x 2

Various European plugs

All purpose tool

Tyre levers

ASSOS Chamois Creme


Electronic cords

Spare cycling shirt x 2

Evening wear

Cable ties

Extra padlock

Toiletry bag

Garmin Sat Nav

External battery pack for iPhone

Paper maps as back up to electronic gizmo's

Information and travel documents (accommodation info and ferry tickets)

Passports and keys and credit cards

Spare cycling shoe laces

Clothes line

Money pouch

Spare reading glasses

Spare sunglasses

Spare riding glasses

Spare rear red light

Puncture repair kit

Lightweight wind / water proof jacket (Rapha of course!)

Sleeve and leg lycra add ons

Spare socks

Spare Jocks

Evening shoes


Cycling long lycra

Light and heavyweight Icebreaker thermal tops

Winter riding gloves



Inner sleeping bag silk

First Aid kit

Large Chamois cloth

Sleeveless riding vest

Heavy duty waterproof jacket

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