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Day 9 - Harwich to London and Home - 9km

We arrived Harwich at 5 am England time but were not allowed to disembark until 6.30. Fine by us. We were revelling in the 'luxury' of our cabin and given the grey skies outside were in no hurry to depart.

After cycling 3 km away from the ferry terminal in search of the railway station we found ourselves a few hundred meters from where we had disembarked the ferry. Long story cut short - someone (me) cant read a Google Map upside down.

A two hour wait and then it was 1.5 hours standing on the 8.30 am train into Liverpool street. I would have thought that any train arriving into London would not be busy with commuters. Not the case. There wasn't a spare seat to be seen. So if these workers were arriving into Liverpool St at 10am and getting to their offices at say 10.30am at the latest then what time were they doing the reverse in the evening? Things you think about when you've got nothing else to think about.

Once at Liverpool St we had a small belated breakfast before casting off through the mayhem of central London to Waterloo Station. It was a chaotic and messy 5 km ride and we were thankful to have survived it. Cycling in France, Belgium, or The Netherlands it most definitely isn't. Difficult also to believe that I used to do it every day for many years.

From Waterloo it was to Twickenham and then the final 1 km of the ride to home.


7 days of cycling. 455 km. 4 countries.

Waterloo Station in its morning glory.


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