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Day 2 - Poundsbridge to Canterbury

I was schooled in Melbourne (Australia) where the unpredictable weather leads some to proclaim they have experienced four seasons in one day. Well, sorry Melbourne, you've been surpassed. Today was not a day to be riding and a rude awakening after yesterday's semi-perfect day. In a one hour period - I had the warmth of the sun on my back before it started hailing, then raining before finally a cold northerly blew solidly into my face. I departed poundsbridge at 9 a.m. and my host, Mark.S, decided to join me for the first 25km. He hadn't ridden his all-carbon bike since before I had hair so I was touched by his gesture. More so given how painful as it was for him later after disregarding my suggestion he ASSOS up. First stop was the delightful Velo House Cafe in Royal Tumbrige Wells where we were joined by Mark's equally delightful parents Bob and Sara.

Housed in an old NatWest Bank building this bikers' heaven was a perfect way to start the day. It was 4 degrees outside after all. Mark left me at Lamberhurst and the next 63 km was a battle of me against the weather with the latter a clear winner. I will say this though .... as expensive as they are, and derided by many as being nothing more than a status symbol my Rapha rain and wind jacket was worth every penny that was paid for it . #bulletproof Despite the weather I did get glimpses of profound words from Andy Warhol.....

saw bikes from yesteryear......

and rode along beautiful tarmac roads inside stunning woodlands adorned with gloriously purple flowers ....

before arriving at my destination for the day, Canterbury.

Another 88 km under the belt. Ponderings of the day:

Why do prats driving the latest SUV with personalised number plates at warp speed whilst munching on a breakfast bagel at 9 a.m. with one hand believe a narrow country lane is solely theirs? What are all those purple flowers I passed along the way called? When riding north into a bitingly cold, northerly wind and driving rain why does the wind drop off to zero and the rain disappear when you are riding south? Hill of the day ... Charing high street to the top of Charing Hill. Over 3 km of straight steep climb. A good mate who once rode from Sydney to Melbourne (Gareth T) said he had hit a hill enroute where he was moving so slowly their wasn't enough head wind to blow off the fly that had landed on his nose. Well yesterday, up this hill,

I got to know what he was talking about.

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