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Day 6 - Teringier to Reims

This promised to be a good day. Starting with picking up fresh bread at the local patisserie before some fresh fruit at the local market

Pretty soon we were climbing up on the ridge line known as Chenin de Dame. A lovely ride along a defining ridge during both great wars. A lovely ride, that is, if your not battling a 25 knot headwind for 6 hours. It was so strong my riding companion Gareth W swore his spokes were singing. As hard as it might have been I was once again sobered by the many war cemeteries we passed

Once off the ridge It was a lovely ride through the first champagne vineyards surrounding Reims and then into Reims itself .

A fairy tale cathedral was passed along the way ....

Wooded roads made for beautiful scenery ....

Nice to reach the champagne district ....

but not before a a regulatory stop for lunch at a local Boulanger ....

and a mid afternoon sugar hit ....

Passing an enormous abbey was a highlight of the day ....

Arriving Reims to be met by our wifeys was a highlight too!

Hill of the day - the climb up to St. Gobain

Ponderings of the day

Number of insects that met an untimely death on my sun glasses today - 14

Number of times I blew my nose and it hit me due to wind - 23

Number of times I said " %#** this wind " - 476

Largest Number of soldiers buried in one single road side cemetery - 7,450

Litres of air pushed down my throat by the 25 knot headwind - 102,000

Number of times I had to pedal to go DOWN a hill due to headwind - 17

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