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Some summer views

Below is just a small taste of the some of the summer views enjoyed over the last 6-7 weeks

The Colosseum - Rome

Trevi fountain - Rome

Chilling out on the boat in the Bay of Poets - Sarzana - Liguria - Italy

Maddona on the Sea (complete with Halo) - Palmeria Island - Bay of Poets - Liguria

A knitting initiative - Svezzera - Tuscany - Italy

The road from Massa to Svezzera -

A knitting initiative - Svezzera

Svezzera outdoor sculptures

Massa - Tuscany

Away from the maddening beach crowds an oasis was found - Riverside - Tendola - Liguria

Street art - Pietersantra - Tuscany

Pietersantra - Tuscany

Pietersantra - Tuscany

Early morning walk views - Fosdinovo village

Malaspina Castle - Fosdinovo - Tuscany

Portovenere - Liguria - Bay of Poets - Cinque Terra

An all too common a sight in the summer. Italian's unique approach to parking a car

Finishing one of 32 hill climbs back to Fosdinovo I did during the summer ..8 km straight up a hill with 73 bends

Street markets - Sarzana - Liguria

Village festivals were many. This being the festival of the Alpine Regiments

Venetian taxi - Venice

Lake Bohnji - Solvenia

Campsite - Lake Bohnji - Slovenia

St Michael - Austrian Alps

Lake Bohnji - Slovenia


Austrian Alps fields

Salzburg Castle - Austria

Salzburg Castle - Austria


Porsche factory / museum - Stuttgart

Porsche factory / museum - Suttgart

German countryside views in the Rhine Valley - Guntersblum - Germany

Cooling off - Guntersblum - Rhine Valley - Germany

Porsche 356 Roadster- classic - Porsche factory / museum - Suttgart

356 Roadster

French Chateau - Epernay - France for a monumental 50th

Cycling sights - Rhine Valley - Germany

French 50th

Mont Blanc tunnel entrance from the Italian side. There are worse places to sit and wait in a queue I am sure

Cycling sights - France- Epernay, France

French 50th

Worlds largest 'sailing' yacht - Bay of Poets - Liguria

Awaiting Placido Domingo on a sweltering summers eve- Verona Ampitheatre - He sung until 1.45 am

Street scene - Sarzana - Liguria

Verona Ampitheatre

Verona Old Town at dawn

Verona doors

Verona tower

Ferrari museum / factory - Modena - Italy

Ferrari factory / museum - Modena

Grand St Bernard Pass on the Swiss / Italian border- It is open !

Ferrari museum / factory - Modena

Ferrari factory / museum - Modena

Ferrari museum / factory - Modena

Riverside views on a lovely summers eve in Twickenham - The White Swan Pub

Industry at work - Waterloo Station - London

Knebworth House - Hertfordshire - England for a lovely family wedding

Villa Girogina - Fosdinovo - Tuscany

Kitchen views from Villa Girogina - Tuscany

Outdoor sculpture - Pietersantra - Tuscany

Romaggio - Cinque Terra - Liguria - Italy

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