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Odesa - Kiev

When I arrived in Kiev after a 7.5 hour bus ride from Odesa and had checked into my Air BnB I sought out some where to eat. I stumbled into a restaurant that specialises in grilled chicken. Observing that I was on my own, the hostess asked if I’d like company. Replying that I would , she proceeded to bring over this. I named him Kevin of Kiev.

The bus itself promised so much. That was until what appeared to be an ex-Ukrainian weightlifter sat in the aisle seat next to me. 

The scenery was pretty harsh and the landscape was primarily one-potato field  after another. The soil so fertile it appeared to be lack.

Next time you think you’ve got a grim job. Sex workers earning a “living” literally roadside to the main highway that runs from Odessa to Kiev. Every 100 km or so we would pass a cluster a well kept little cottages that were meters from the highway. It all dawned on me why you’d build a house so close to the road when I saw 5-6 semi-trailers parked up on the hard shoulder.

One potato field after another.

Did I mention the turn in weather since I have arrived in Ukraine?

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