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Tarifa to Nordkapp........... 19 days to go

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So the clock starts to wind down to the 'pedal off' date of April 6 when I will commence riding from the southern most point of continental Europe (Tarifa in southern Spain) to its northern most point (Nordkapp in far north Norway). A mere 6,500 km (approx).

This being an adventure borne from the incredible experience last year of cycling the Via Francigena pilgrims way from Canterbury Cathedral in the UK to the Vatican City in Rome.

Now as I continue to enjoy my 'mature gap year', and more importantly with the blessing of my wonderful and understanding wife, I have decided to embark on an adventure of slightly larger and longer proportions.

It is my hope that through my daily blog updates, Instagram postings and other communications I will be able to raise £15,000 for the charity ''Nepal Youth Foundation''

In addition to my blog, followers will also be able to track me ''live'' this year via a link to a GPS device I will be carrying (link details to follow) . With 3 min updates this will enable readers to enjoy the ride ''live'' from the comfort of their seats whilst I do all the hard work.

More updates prior to April 6.

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