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Isla de Tarifa o de las Palomas

Connected to the mainland by a causeway in 1806 this island is now home to a military base, a small illegal immigrant processing centre and also continental Europe’s southern most point. 

Access to the island is only possible by joining an organised tour, or, as I did, by liaising with Javier at the Tarifa Toursit Board who gained me access and sent along his colleague Vincente to accompany me. 

Just 14km from Africa the island is larger than the Old Town of Tarifa. Windswept and desolate but for a few administrative buildings it was blowing 30+ knots when we ventured out to “the spot” .

Javier was an encyclopaedia of knowledge and it was an hour well spent. 

Next stop behind me is Africa. 

Southern most football pitch on continental Europe

Historical fortifications on Isla de Tarifa o de las Palomas 

Continental Europe’s southern most fisherman 

Back in Tarifa it was time to savour the bright sights of town 

Southern most beach on continental Europe

Doors of Tarifa 

Part of the mural adorning the walls of Tarifa Market Hall 

Given the consistency of wind, Tarifa is a mecca for kite and wind surfers alike. 

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