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Day 3 ...... Fuengirola to Nerja ..... 84 km (246 total)

“If you’re frustrated at your lack of progress then stop, draw breath, and take encouragement from where you’ve come and what you’ve achieved thus far “

Nick .W Papua New Guinea born philosopher circa 1960’s

Looking back To Fuengirola from just north of Malaga.

That’s what happens when you climb up a hill for an an inexorable amount of time and into a headwind. You think.

What the N-340 didn’t provide yesterday it’s sister, the coastline hugging N-340a gave back in bucket loads today. Simply a beautiful day of riding. Oh - and I will take Malaga and it’s purposefulness and historic nature over Marbella everyday of the week.

My route took me within touching distance of Malaga airport. Only took 3 landing planes and about 150 photos to get the money shot!!

Being an Aussie by default I love a BBQ and have to respect the local cooking style on the beaches of Malaga. By midday the air was awash with the lovely smell of fresh seafood being cooked outdoors on these BBQ’s.

Not too sure the Malaga surf lifesavers will be too busy today

I love a dog. We don’t have one. Yet. This one was eyeing my lunch with a keen eye.

Lunch of champions. At a small bar opposite a deserted beach. The food was so fresh you could taste the sand. Don’t ask me what the fried things were (he said ‘Carlitos’ ?) but whatever they were they were delicious.

Bull !

Malaga beaches can be crowded

Conveniences done Malaga style. Have to say it impresses too.

There was I thinking I was in Spain and not Nigeria

And then along came the global financial crisis in 2008. Me thinks Caixa Bank could struggle to move these off their balance sheets. These sort of unfinished developments were a dime a dozen on the ride yesterday and today.

This nation is awash with sporting superstars. Tennis players, golfers, Motorbike riders, cyclists, triathletes, Olympians , sailors etc etc etc and even Carlos Sainz wannabes. A bit like another nation I know. Is it the weather?

4pm in the blazing sun on the side of the N-340a I came across 400 leather clad booze fuelled motorbikers listening to live music. Not sure who were the nutters . Them or the guy riding to Norway.

I’ve been fortunate to ride some great coastal roads. San Francisco to LA. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria in Australia. This section of the N-340a ranks up there. Propelled by my own two legs with a nice tailwind made it even more stunning. If you’re ever in the area I implore you to drive from Malaga to Nerja. Simply stunning in parts .

Amen .

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