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Day 45 (again)..... Hamburg to Scharbeutz ..... 101 km ......(total 3,732 km)

Leaving Hamburg took its time. It wasn’t until about the 23 km point that I got a road sign telling me I was leaving Hamburg . That lengthy departure was OK by me as I Had grown fond of Hamburg in my 36 hours there. Leaving via the northern suburbs was  a far more pleasant experience than arriving by the industrial south. Streets were treelined and well paved with lovely houses on either side and traffic on a Sunday morning was non existent. I would definitely come back to Hamburg. Like Cologne it had a certain buzz and feel to it that made it appealing. 

The old and the new of Hamburg continued as I departed to the north . Hamburg Tower was built over 3 years (1965-68) to honour a resident physicist. It stands 279 metres , weighs over 45,000 tonnes and is easily Hamburg’s tallest structure. It’s restaurant and observation deck have been closed since 2001 due to fire regulation requirements which are so prohibitively expensive that it’s unlikely they will ever reopen. 

Such an unusual sight I had to take a photo . Something you’ll never see in the Uk or Australia . Roadworkers working on a Sunday . 

When faced with these two options . Cobblestone road or brick paved pathway my bum and spine will always choose option b. Pathway.

Toilet “haus” with a view .

One of my pet hates that often occurs . See this sign ......ride 300 metres ... and then...

...see this sign .

Bull with attitude .

The last time I saw the sea was just south of Montpellier in the company of Johnathan from Oregon. Now 3 countries and more than a coupe of thousand kilometres later I see it again. Mediterranean Sea to the Baltic Sea. 

Scharbeutz. Seaside town, and it’s mobbed . I googled “public holidays in Germany “ and discovered tomorrow is Whit Monday. A national 3 day weekend holiday for all. The first campsite I tried was so full it didn’t  even have room for a tent . 

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