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Day 46 ........Scharbeutz to Strukkamp.......66 km........(total 3,798 km)

Not the longest day by any measure and possibly the shortest since I set off from Tarifa on April 6. However, it was a terrain dominated by wind turbines and for a reason. In this part of the world of far northern Germany the wind blows hard and consistently. Great if you’re a windsurfer or kite surfer. Not so great if the wind turbines are all facing the direction in which you are headed . 

Today is my last day on mainland Europe for tomorrow I ride a mere 20 km to catch a ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby in Denmark.  Tonight it’s a special German meal prepared by Freder and Laura who I met the other day and are also in the same camp. Potatoes and more potatoes. 

You know you’re in far North Germany when you see these signs. KSR and I know a lady from Kiel. Sandra.K.....a lovely person who represents the best of Germany . I dedicate today’s ride to her. 

A banana wind vane. Unique and have to say doubtful I’ll see another of its like in a long time.

Rapeseed field and wind turbines. A common site and two of my favourite views on today’s ride.

Can’t fault the name of this beautiful house.

There’s a bridge to cross over to the small island that is the last night stop. That would be the North Sea to the left. 

.... and the Baltic Sea to the right . Both equally windy. 

As I said earlier. Bit of a sailing nirvana and plenty of thick wetsuit clad nutters braving the 15 degree Celsius water to take advantage of the conditions. Bit of a far cry to the 28 degree tropical waters of Papua New Guinea that I grew up learning to sail and windsurf in.

It has been a national long weekend for the Germans and what was a full campsite last night was starting to empty out when I turned up. Not the cheapest campsite at EUR 17.00 but you get what you pay for. Lovely green grasses tent pitch, “free “ showers, a supermarket on site and even laundry facilities. 

Adios , Au Revoir and Tchuese to Spain , France and Germany and Hej to Denmark tomorrow. 

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