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Day 53 ........ Gothenburg ........ Rest day (total 4,284 km)

With delightful KSR in town we set about discovering what Gothenburg has to offer . Swedish design shops is one thing it has plenty of. With KSR’s blossoming interior design business taking off , I was an innocent partner into the discovery of everything Sweden’s designers have on show. Whether it be shops,  cafes, or even hanging gardens. If a Swede designed it and it was on show in Gothenburg then we saw it. 

Gohenbourg has a proud maritime history. 

Some things you didn’t or did know about Gothenburg 

- second largest city in Sweden

- 5th largest city in Scandinavia 

- approximately 580,000 live in the urban area

- approximately 1,000,000 live in the metropolitan area 

- originally founded as a fortified Dutch trading colony in 1621

- Volvo was founded in the city in 1927

- Along with the Dutch the early history of the city was dominated by the Scots

- There is a Swedish settlement in Nebraska (USA) called Gothenburg. It reflects the importance of the Swedish Gothenburg in the migration of Swedish people to the USA located as it is on the west coast of Sweden. 

- Victor Hasselblad of camera fame and Henrik Stenson of golfing fame were born and lived in Gothenburg.

- the 3 largest foreign born communities residing in Gothenburg in order of size are Iraqi’s , Iranians , Somalians . 

The fish market was an ideal place for lunch in a wet and stormy afternoon. 

Admittedly the fish market was our second choice. A few people had insisted we visit the archipelago of islands that exists just outside of the city centre. So down to the main ferry terminal we went, boarded the inter island ferry and set off for lunch at a restaurant that looked appealing on one of the islands . 

The view of the islands as we made our way out into the archipelago was somewhat daunting.

Got to the island and discovered that the restaurant was closed on Mondays. This we discovered later was to be a recurring theme. Hospitality busienssses taking Monday off. 

The weather cleared sufficiently on the return leg for us to stand outside and marvel at the solitude of some of the residences that exist on the hundreds of small islands. 

You’d want to get along with your neighbours . 

An interestingly named suburb of Gothenburg.

As we discovered to our detriment you don’t want to be taking taxis in Gothenburg.   Think expensive and then double it. 

Finished the day with a drink surrounded by beautiful people in a beautifully designed and decorated bar. 

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