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Day 63...... Berkak to Trondheim ......85 km ......(total 5,190 km)

Little Ronnie (from Rennebu) comes runnning Home from school and says to his Mum ...

“Can I go play in the park with Ross and Ricky (also from Rennebu) ?”

She replies....

“Certainly , but come home when the street lights come on “

“Ok” he says “ I will see you just before midnight then “ , and out he bounds gleefully.

Ain’t a whole lot of darkness in this part of the world at this time of the year. 

Set off on the disgrace of a national road the Norwegians call the E6 . This is the main road linking the biggest city in Norway with its third largest , Trondheim. A lot of it’s single lane each way of poor quality with next to little shoulder. For a country so wealthy and where fuel costs £1.48 - £1.52 a litre it’s an inexplicably poor road .

Without the traffic the same view is quite pleasant bar the pot hole ridden and cracked tarmac that lies in front of me. I’ve seen better national roads in New Zealand.

The route towards Trondheim gets more n more traffic busy and after passing through quite a lengthy gorge where the road narrows considerably and to such an extent there wasn’t even room for me to pull over and take a photo it eventually emerges out onto wide open farmland before the final climb up and over into Trondheim. 

Crossed some bridges with pleasant views back up the valley from where I had come.

And took some bridges I didn’t need to just because there was no traffic on them .

Letterbox hut with healthy hair.

Even rode past my first Norwegian designer  house which personally was a nice change from the monotony of dark red and white trim I have seen for the last umpteen km. 

Norwegian cows, well these one at least, are creatures of habit it seems.  

There’s apparently a pilgrims way that runs from Portugal to Trondheim. I finally saw a signpost and followed it for its last 10km.

How much do we think for this for lunch? Half bun with one piece of ham and two slices of cucumber , half a chicken wrap, a dry muffin and a bottle of coke. If you guessed £15.50 you would be right . AUD$ 27.00 approx. Yup it’s not a cheap country. It’s not so much that it’s expensive it’s what you don’t get for your money’s worth that is a tad annoying. Another country equally expensive , Japan , at least allows you a get out clause in that if you eat and live like the locals it’s actually an affordable country. You don’t get that option in Norway. EVERYTHING is expensive. Eat and live like a local or not. 

It was someone’s proud new home once before they decided to run the E6 past its front door. 

Trondheim. Am having a rest day here after 10 consecutive days of cycling. Then I head up the West Coast on Saturday . 

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