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Day 64 .......Trondheim ......Rest day ......(total 5,190 km)

Trondheim, like every other major Scandinavian City is coastal based and has a rich history in maritime trade. It also has a pretty impressive cathedral and a one line tram service. Add to that it’s importance as a stop off for cruise ships doing the fjord run. All for a city with a population barely nudging 200,000. Its Norway’s 3rd most populous city and Norway’s 4 largest urban area. It’s commerce is dominated by technology oriented institutions. 

Founded in 997 AD it was originally a trading port and during the Viking era also the capital of Norway with the seat of the King existing in the city until 1217. As a consequence of so many buildings being made of wood it has experienced countless devastating fires and during WWII was occupied by the Nazi’s from day one of their invasion of Norway on April 6 until May  8 , 1945. 

I looked at the list of notable residents, past and present and didn’t recognise a single name. 

An impressive structure, the cathedral is also the starting / end point for pilgrims making their way to / from Oslo which is called St Olavs Way and runs an impressive 643 km. 

As a result of its historical importance in Norwegian Royalty, Kings of Norway, past, present and future have been / are / will be anointed at the cathedral . 

Trondheim Old Town Bridge over the river Nidelva.

Old (200-300 years old I overheard a guide tell her band of silver haired German foxes from the cruise ship that was in town  for the day ) warehouses on the river Nidelva. 

Same warehouses different perspective. 

Ornate city pothole covers .

A clean and tidy little town there’s no lack of sculptures to keep you bemused.

German silver foxes transport.

The benefit of a one line tram system with 20 stops is that if you fall asleep on your way home after a night out , when you wake up you’ll eventually get back to your stop as the tram simply comes back the same way. Not cheap though. 60 NOK for a one way ticket that’s valid for an hour. Regardless of whether you go 1 or 19 stops. That’s £5.30 or AUD$ 9.35 . Ouch.  

I cross the Trondheim Fjord by ferry tomorrow to the small town of Vanvikan to begin the final 3 week push to the far north From here on in its supposedly grown ups type weather and hills. CANNOT WAIT. Bring it on!  

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