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Day 69 .......Vennesund to Servika ....... 102 km ......(total 5,657 km)

Awoke to scattered clouds and a mirror like sea. Both good things when you’re planning to ride a bike in Norway. The view from the campsite wasn’t too shabby either .

Today’s ride would take me across 3 islands as I headed north. The first sector was 57 km followed by a 20 min ferry from Horn to Andalvagen and then a  17 km dash to the northern part of that island and the port of Forvik before a 50 min ferry trip to Tjøtta that resulted in a 27 km ride to Servika, my destination for the night. Got all that?

Rode past a “small” village.

This first sector was with doubt the flattest ride I’ve had in Norway thus far. The road being jammed between the sea and a mountain range that looked ready to collapse into the water. 

Did I mention how calm it was? 

When you’re headed for a ferry it’s interesting to watch out for the approaching convoy of cars that all pass you simultaneously, given they’ve all been released at the same time from the ferry you’re heading for. Usually the convoy is headed by the motorcyclists and then some nutter driving stupidly fast in a BMW X6 or other quick SUV. They’re quickly followed by the new model AUDI drivers who in turn are followed by the VW , Volvo , and other later model type salons. Following them are the professional truck drivers who in turn are followed by campervan holidymakers. Second to last come those towing actual caravans. Last but not least and usually driving a car dating from the 1970’s and barely able to see over the dashboard are the ocatgenrian  local Norwegians making their way as they have done for the last 45 years from home to the neighbouring island for a Bridge or Canasta club Wednesday meeting . 

On the first ferry I got chatting to a young lady and her grandfather who like me were taking photos of the scenery from the ships bow. They were on their way to Alta in the far north for a family reunion. Coming from just south of Oslo their round trip was going to be close to 3,000km by my estimations. It could be worse. They could be riding there. She told me they had 7 ferries to  catch today and were taking this scenic route rather than the expressway because of just that. The scenery. My bet is it will be the express way back.

The views didn’t get any worse as the day wore on and the sea stayed calm.

At Forvik there was an hour wait for the ferry and here I stumbled into Frank and Fred. Frank is French and riding to Nordkapp from Madrid. Last year he rode from Columbia to Usuahia in southern Argentina . The year before from Mongolia to India. I didn’t bother asking him if he was married. 

Fred is a  79 year old retired solar energy technician and  still owner of a company providing the technology to be able to harness the suns energy to heat water and provide heating. He was quick to point out not to provide electricity.

Meet Frank and Fred 

After 54,000 km of riding Frank’s “ Brooks “ bicycle seat is certainly “worn” in.

Front seat views were pretty spectacular . In fact any seat had a great view as we made our way from Forvik to Tjøtta.

With a bit of self belief and determination anything is possible .

They start them young up here. Alongside the Servik School was this most junior of ski jump hills. If it was the last day of my ride and I had imbibed 4 or more shots of that 90 proof rocket fuel that Stein was pouring me the night before last I don’t think you’d have to pay me much to see me ride my bike off that jump. Panniers attached. 

Aside from it not raining the other highlight of the day was me sighting my first ever live moose. At first I thought it was an oversized donkey with bandied legs as it bound off into the scrub. Then it dawned on me it was in fact a moose. It didn’t have antlers and as my research has discovered that is because it was a female moose. Also known  as a cow. 

Now you know.

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