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Day 3 ...... Bernkastel-Kues to Bullay ....45 km .....(total 169 km)

Jump into a pool with your bike and ride 45 km. Stay submerged for 2.5 hours and then step out and try and dry your clothes. That about sums today effort. Although a relatively short day in terms of distance and although across flat terrain, 2.5 hours in continuous rain with a slight headwind makes for an unpleasant way to spend your time. Being a half glass full type of guy though I will say the air was fresh and not a lot of people or dogs to avoid on the path aside the river. When riding in this type of weather the joviality and wanting to engage in anything but survival makes for a quiet quintet of riders. Heads down and a pace quicker than yesterday primarily out of a desire to keep warm. At one stage a choice had to be made whether to remain riding along flat terrain and around a pimple shaped headland where the river meandered Via Briedel and Zell or take a small climb up and over a ridge and cut out the corner. The decision to climb up and over and cut off 15 km and an hour of riding in a swimming pool was made quicker than I thought possible with five people. And certainly quicker than a Brexit decision. Which isn’t a great comparison given most things are.  

A professional riding team we ain’t. But just as drugged up. Though they be drugs for arthritis, dementia, diabetes, hangover and other medicinal reasons as opposed to performance enhancing. And yes you see right. Lynn on the far right has plastic food bags over his gloves and Russ likewise taped over his riding shoes. A certain CSI look about it. But apparently effective. 

An impressive piece of German engineering (I have yet to see one that isn’t impressive) was ridden under. Strangely I see a structure like this and the first thought for me  is “bunjee jump ! “

Russ.K - A picture of satorial elegance despite the improvised water proofing of the shoes a-la- CSI like. 

Now you’re wondering why I have included a shot of a coffee pot next to a small empty glass. Well here in Germany they do not serve water for free. Unlike most civilised western countries and quite a few under developed ones where free tap water is almost legislated for, here in Germany you have to pay for water. Ironic given we were riding along one of the biggest waterways in Europe and it was belting rain outside . That pot of plain black coffee? €1.50....that small glass of water ? €2.00 .....Riddle me that Batman. #rort.......Needless to say “Cafe Aroma”  is soon to be “trip advisored” by the reviewer nw05250 . 

The view after the climb to cut off the pimple. A pleasant vista in not so pleasant weather but it was good to view the river from atop.

The peleton makes for the summit ....

Of course an hour after we stop riding the clouds part, the rain ceases and the view from the Bullay pier of the mighty Mosel was pretty impressive . 

Vegan and vegetarian warning ⚠️ 

Energy expenditure was minimal given the distance and time on the bike but the weather made it feel justified to load up on protein as the Germans are want to do. 

And of course the meal had to be washed down with an appropriately detailed bottle of Mosel White. 

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