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Day 5 ....... Moselkern to Boppard .... from the Mosel to the Rhine ...58 km (total 278 km )

The sort of day you appreciate infinitely more having ridden through the wet that we did on Saturday. Today we’d be riding the last part of the Mosel into Koblenz where it flows into the mighty Rhine. The weather was inch perfect and the scenery equally so. We rode 25 km and then stopped for our obligatory “kaffe and kuchen” in a ridiculously quaint little village that was impossibly beautiful. The route wound around steep vineyards on our left and the Mosel on our right. In Koblenz our destination was “German Corner” which marks the confluence of the two rivers , the Mosel and the Rhine. Here we turned sharply right and for the first time in the trip pedalled up stream as we made our way towards the Rhine side village of Boppard some 22 km away. 

Before we got to Koblenz and whilst still on the Mosel we passed through this old fashioned road toll house . Sort of thing you often see in Australia . Or not . 

Picturesque town after picturesque town was passed on our right and across the river as we headed downstream towards Koblenz . 

Yesterday I commented on the vineyards that hug the terrain and the machinery needed to work the vines, but today they were equally if not more steep and an impressive display of horticultural engineering. 

The 25 km “kaffe n kuchen” stop was had in a ridiculously beautiful village. 

Reaching the “German Corner “ in Koblenz and looking back from where we had come this was the view of the Mosel. I had ridden it’s entire length from inside Luxembourg to this point. Another great river of Europe conquered in its entirety . 

Looking left from the “German Corner “ and there sat the mighty Rhine. Last year I had ridden it downstream from Basel to Cologne. Now I was headed upstream to It’s juncture with the Main.

No surprises that at this geographically important juncture that someone many years ago had decided it was an ideal place to place a castle and fort. No surprises too that I counted 37 river cruising (floating hotels) boats parked up and either disgorging passengers or onboarding them. 

Loooking back at “German Corner”. 

The Mosel on the left and the Rhine on the right . 

Spring has arrived . 

Riding upstream on the Rhine and leaving Koblenz behind us we came to the first of many castles perched up high above the river . 

Not one to normally take a photo inside a toilet I did have to admit that the view from the gents was pretty special. The Rhine and a castle in the background on a stunningly beautiful spring day. 

Ho hum another castle and him. 

Last year on this very day as I cycled from Spain to Norway I passed this very plinth in the midst of a rainstorm of biblical proportions. Exactly 1 year on and on a decidedly better weather day I am still confused as to it’s meaning and no wiser to it’s markings . 

Given the flood heights , February , 1784 wasn’t a good month for riverside business in Boppard. 

Boppard s main church. Similar to many you’d see in Australia ..... or.......not.

Sunset drinks and Rhine side views like this capped a lovely days ride.

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