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As solid as the ........ 2 days to pedalling day 1

A solid as the rock of Gibraltar...

Getting to Tarifa today meant taking an @easyjet flight to Gibraltar first. We were delayed out of Gatwick due to a cockpit technical glitch as we taxied to the runway and I have to say the Captain was exemplary in her handling of the situation . Textbook in every sense . I took time at flights conclusion to congratulate her on the handling of the situation. I must be getting old. 

Tarifa lies about 45 km south of Gibraltar and is a 54 EUR taxi ride away . That little slither of Island is the southern most point of Europe. I will be visiting that puppy tomorrow . 

Before I get there it was about putting back together the @Surly which had survived the baggage handlers run.

Right let’s see how long it takes to put this puppy back together ....

53 mins later we are reacquainted like good friends. Steady my beating heart. Little does she know what the next 3 months entail . “She” needs a name . To that end the competition to name her is open. The winning suggestion gets a signed cycling jersey from this trip. Judges decisin is final . No correspondence will be entertained. 

Once assembled off I rode to @repackbikes @Tarifa to let an expert ensure everything was put back in the right order. 

Oh - did I mention it was 22 degrees , 45% humidity and cloudless ? 

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